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World Centre of Prayer for Peace In Niepokalanów
Chapel of Perpetual Adoration
of the Blessed Sacrament
...they shall return unto me with their whole heart...
Jer 24,7
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About This Initiative

What we do?

We create a World Centre of Prayer for Peace at the Basilica in Niepokalanów. The Chapel of Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is a part of the Centre. It is a single location in Poland and one of only 12 International Centres of Prayer for Peace in the whole world that form 12 Stars in the Crown of Mary Queen of Peace, blessed by the Pope.

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When will the Chapel be completed?

We wish the Polish Chapel of Peace be consecrated on
1 September 2018. It is a very special date: the anniversary of the outburst of World War II clearly proves the need for perpetual prayer for peace.

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How can I help?

Construction of the Chapel of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament of such importance is a very complex work, both at the spiritual and financial level. To have such work completed, we need support by prayer, but also by financial means. This work is financed solely by donors, especially individual people.

How you can help?

World Centre of Prayer for Peace in Niepokalanów -
The Star of the Immaculate

For many years, creation of the Chapel of Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament was the wish of the monastic and parish community in Niepokalanów as well as a spiritual need of the pilgrims visiting this special place. This wish came true in 2017. Initially, we believed the Chapel would serve the local community and the pilgrims, but a wonder happened, which we see as a message from God.

Bringing into life the spiritual will of Saint John Paul II, who continuously emphasised the need to pray to Christ present in the Eucharist, Communita Regina della Pace (Community of the Queen of Peace) embarked on creating 12 World Centres of Prayers for Peace, called 12 Stars in the Crown of Mary Queen of Peace. Chapels of Prayer for Peace will be located at the Centres.

The Centres are built at all continents, to encircle the Earth with prayer within the idea of praying for peace and reconciliation among people. The chapels are built in locations that witnessed severe wars, religious or racial conflicts.

In 2017, the Basilica in Niepokalanów was invited by the Community Regina della Pace to become one of the 12 World Centres of Prayer for Peace. The Chapel of the Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament will become a part of the Centre. The invitation was extended because Niepokalanów is related to Saint Maksymilian Kolbe, who during World War II trusted his life to Virgin Mary before he sacrificed it to save a life of another person.

It was only after preparing a concept of the Chapel of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in Niepokalanów, when we discovered a letter of Saint Maksymilan Kolbe, who in 1934 wrote from Japan:

"…I suppose that the basilica will be large, according to the needs, but modest and beautiful with the harmony of all parts, created for its only purpose: to redeem and sanctify as many souls as possible in Niepokalanów (...) I imagine a beautiful statue of Our Immaculate Lady in a grand altar, and between her open hands a monstrance with a perpetual exhibition of the Blessed Sacrament. Friars adore in turns. Whoever enters the church, goes to their knees, adores, looks at Our Immaculate Lady's face, goes away, and She works with Our Lord Jesus on their request..."

We have seen this letter as a sign that it is Niepokalanów, where the perpetual prayer for peace should be performed. We invite all the faithful to contribute to this work of great spiritual importance.

A project of the Chapel of Adoration in Niepokalanów

Projekt Kaplicy w Niepokalanowie

The central part of the altar in the Chapel of Adoration of Blessed Sacrament will be a true size sculpture of Virgin Mary with her hands open in invitation. Christ present in the Eucharist will be located under Mary's heart, in a large, brightly lit Host, shown under her parting coat. The silver figure of Virgin Mary will be surrounded by true size silver lilies, symbolising chastity. Lit from beneath, together with golden rays also surrounding the figure, they will present the aureola of light, in which the Virgin was seen during her apparitions in Lourdes, Guadelupe and Fatima. This figure resembles also the Miraculous Medal of Mary Immaculate, which was venerated by St. Maksymilian. At the crystal layer, 12 cut gemstones will be placed, symbolising 12 stars from the Apocalypse of St. John, which are also pictured at the Niepokalanów Miraculous Medal of Mary Immaculate.

World Centres of Prayer for Peace

The common material sign of the World Centres of Prayer for Peace are the Chapels of Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, which invite all the faithful to actively join into the apostolic prayer for peace.

The Altars of Adoration are designed in Poland, in Drapikowski Studio, a studio of Gdańsk artists Mariusz and Kamil Drapikowski. They are not merely designed, but written, like icons of the Eastern Orthodox Church. They are created as a result of work and prayer of the design team. By their astonishing beauty, they help to develop the relationship with the living God present in the Eucharist. Their splendour matches the best objects of modern sacral art. The focal point of the Altars of Adoration is Virgin May, called by Saint John Paul II “The Lady of the Eucharist”, “The First Monstrance” or “The Star guiding the Church to Her Son”. Monstrances are located under the heart of Virgin Mary.

Each of the Altars of Adoration has been blessed by the Pope (earlier by Pope Benedict XVI, now by Pope Francis). An essential part of this spiritual work are peregrinations of the Altars around Poland and Europe, so they become vessels symbolically filled with prayers. Each Chapel is open with the participation of the Episcopate and government officials of a country, in which it is located.

Until now, 6 Stars – Adoration Altars have been opened: Bethlehem in Israel, Medjugorie in Bosnia and Hercegovina, Ozernoye in Kazakhsta, Jamusukro in Ivory Coast, Namyang in South Korea and Kibeho in Rwanda.

The seventh Chapel of Peace will be built in Dagupan, Philippines and the eighth Star in the Crown of Mary Queen of Peace is being built in Lesser Basilica in Niepokalanów in Poland. Sanctuary of Virgin Mary, Immaculate Omni-mediatress of All Glories.

12 Stars in the Crown of Mary Queen of Peace

Scope of Works

The Basilica in Niepokalanów, constructed in 1948-1954, has never been refurbished on a larger scale. Therefore, major construction works need to be performed before the Chapel of Adoration is completed.

The works in the Chapel of Adoration include installing new windows, modernisation of heating, general construction works, preparing sacral woodwork. In the Chapel itself, necessary works include floor replacement, wall removal, installation of new windows and stained glass, installation of heating and ventilation, general construction and finishing works. Only after these works are completed, the Adoration Altar may be located in the Chapel.

  1. April 2017

    Preparation of space at the level -1 of the Basilica for the needs of the altar boys, music group and the Schola

  2. May 2017

    Ordering of sacral oak woodwork (two-level closets, chests of drawers for the use of Sacristy II. This was caused by the fact that the canonicals needed to be removed from the space designed for the Chapel of Adoration

    Preparation of architectural concepts of the Chapel of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at the Basilica in Niepokalanów

  3. June – December 2017

    Preparation of Sacristy II at the apse behind the presbytery of the Basilica. The scope of works:

    • general construction and finishing works (installation of new windows, construction of partition walls to separate the Sacristy, painting, refurbishment of marble flooring, stonework relating to installation of doors)
    • installation of a heating system and a boiler heater in the cellar of the Basilica
    • electrical works (wiring) and installation of new lighting
  4. October – November 2017

    Advanced works over the architectural concept of the Chapel of Adoration, setting the scope of construction and finishing works regarding stained glass, sacral woodwork, flooring, heating and air conditioning

    Preparation of technical documentation, acquiring of building permit regarding pulling down of the load-bearing wall in the space where the Chapel of Adoration will be located and construction of an upstand beam

  5. December 2017

    Construction of the upstand beam above the space where the Chapel of Adoration will be located

    Removing the closets and other furniture from the space where the Chapel of Adoration will be located, removal of flooring, removal of door framing

    Installation of sacral woodwork in Sacristy II at the so-called Semicircle of the Basilica, moving of the canonicals and other liturgical objects to new closets

    Activation of heating

  6. January 2018

    Pulling down the partition wall separating the spaces where the Chapel of Adoration will be located

  7. Fabruary 2018

    Preparatory works and installation of floor heating.

  8. March 2018

    Installation (electricity, alarm, monitoring, ventilation) and construction works

  9. April – June 2018

    Alteration of the Chapel of Adoration stairway

    Installation of new windows and stained glass

    Installation of marble flooring

    Installation of sacral woodwork

    Installation of the altar

  10. 1 September 2018

    Consecration ceremony of the Chapel of Perpetual Adoration


See photos from scope of works

How can I help?

Become a part of this very special work.

We strongly believe that creation of the Chapel of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is a God's work and therefore we believe that there are many people of good will that will support it. We wish that all persons who participate in creation of the Chapel felt that this is their offering, their answer to the voice of the Lord.

The Chapel of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament will be solely financed by public collection.

Share the information on creation of the Chapel with your friends, help us reach as many people as possible.

Support us with your prayer

The work of creating World Centres of Prayer for Peace is mainly of spiritual nature. We have entrusted it to Virgin Mary and we trust entirely that it is safe in Her Holy Hands. Mary Immaculate is the first Tabernacle of Her Divine Son Jesus Christ. She worships and adores Her Son and wishes Him to be worshipped by all people. Virgin Mary, listening to the Word of God and humbly obeying His Will, teaches us how to become a tool for realising God’s Will.

An indispensable element of the God’s work is support of people of good will with their prayer offering sincere prayers from the heart for all those, who are a part of this work, including all the donors. We wish wholeheartedly that prayer becomes a part of this work and is continued after the Centre is completed. We hope that the sign embodied in the Chapel of Adoration will become a source of miracles and glories granted to us. Material creation of the Centre is a beginning of challenges and opening of the path that lies ahead of us. The aim is clear: Prayer for Peace. Forever.

How can I help creating World Centre of Peace?

It is our desire that the foundation of the Chapel of Adoration be a sincere prayer of numerous people worshipping the Blessed Sacrament. Selfless prayers of the suffering, the sick, the needy can be offered at any time with special intention for creation of the Centre and the Chapel of Adoration.

The Eucharist is the greatest gift. It may be individual offering of the Holy Communion. It may also be celebrating a Holy Mass for the special intention, a Pompeian Novena, offering a fast, or a pilgrimage. It may be also offering everyday sufferings for this special intention. All this should be done with humble and willing heart.

The prayer needs to involve more and more people. It is our task to invite all the people of good will. We ask people of Poland to become involved in this work, continuing the work of Saint Maksymilian Kolbe. Numerous monastic and parish communities have already answered our appeal. We thank them with our hearts. All those that become involved in this work in any way are supported with prayer.

  • Since 1 December 2017 a 9-month novena is held before the Celebration of consecration of the Chapel of Adoration. Everyday, we celebrate a Holy Mass with the special intention for the Chapel of Adoration, all people involved in this work as well as donors.
  • Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is held every weekday at the Basilica.
  • Every first Thursday of a month, a Holy Mass and a special serving is celebrated at the Basilica with the special intention for all the donors and people involved in the work of creating of the Chapel of Adoration.
St. John the Baptist Community of Charismatic Christian Renewal also organises prayers with the special intention for the creation of the Chapel.


You may give financial support for the construction works of the Chapel of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in Niepokalanów in a simple manner using a crowdfunding platform

Click here to go to the crowdfunding platform.


Direct bank transfer

The construction of the Adoration Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament is solely funded by donations. A special subaccount for this purpose, managed by Father Andrzej Sąsiadek, parish priest, has been created.

The transfers may be made to the account:

  • Parafia rzymskokatolicka
  • pw. Niepokalanego Poczęcia NMP w Niepokalanowie
  • ul. O. M. Kolbego 5
  • 96 – 515 Teresin
    Account nr: 97 9284 0005 0009 8342 2000 0040
  • Please indicate „Chapel of Adoration” with your name and address as the transfer title.

We ask for the name and address of the donor in the transfer title, because we want to send to every person or organisation that gave financial support a thankyou note with their name on it.

In-kind donations

The works on the altar for the Chapel of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament are in the final stage, hence there is no possibility to use in-kind donations made of silver and gold for the creation of the altar. They will be exchanged for financial means. All the time we also collect financial donations.

We thank wholeheartedly all the donors who supported the creation of the World Centre of Prayer for Peace in Niepokalanów with in-kind donations for their offerings.

Who supports us

National Patronage

The ceremony of Inauguration of the World Centre of Prayer for Peace in Niepokalanów has been granted
National Patronage of the President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda
in the Centenary of Regaining Idependence.

Stulecie Odzyskania Niepodległości


His Excellency
Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki

President of the Episcopal
Conference of Poland

His Eminency
Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz

Metropolitan bishop of Warsaw

Father Wiesław Pyzio

Provincial Superior of the Franciscan Order Province
of Mary Immaculate in Poland

Father Grzegorz Maria Szymanik

of the Niepokalanów Monastery

Media Patronage

EWTN Polska
Rycerz Niepokalanej
Radio Niepokalanów
Nasz Dziennik
gość niedzielny
Radio Jasna Góra
Przewodnik Niedzielny
Radio Via
Express Sochaczew
Prosto z Gminy
Radio Maryja

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